Majority of remote workers are being excluded from meetings

New data from Igloo Software released today shows 56% of remote employees missed out on important information due to their remote status, with 54% being left out of meetings.

The study, State of the Digital Workplace report, also found that 69% who work remotely report dealing with challenges they would not encounter in an office setting — and the issues they encounter are not trivial. Furthermore, 43% have found certain people or groups inaccessible as a result of working away from the office.

“There’s no shortage of communication or knowledge management apps available to businesses today, but it’s important to understand your workforce’s specific challenges before rolling them out,” said Igloo Software CMO Mike Hicks. “We’re seeing businesses adopt more applications with the goal of increasing productivity, yet this approach continues to yield discouraging results for both employees and the organisation.”

IT leader’s guide to National Work from Home Day

National Work from Home Day was set up by Work Wise UK, a not-for-profit, campaign organisation, this initiative aims to promote modern “smarter” working practices such as agile, flexible, remote and mobile working, as well as working from home

“Every organisation needs to be aware of the workplace challenges identified in this study and take corrective actions to address them,” added Hicks. “Modernising their intranet and creating a digital destination for employees is a great first step that helps drive productivity, innovation, and creates a real competitive advantage. Improving the employee experience has a direct impact on the customer experience. It’s really that simple.”

According to the study, fewer young people work from home that their senior co-workers and they tend to encounter fewer roadblocks.

However, this may be because entry-level positions are less collaborative by nature. Senior employees tend to require access to more secure documents, information, and people in order to make decisions.

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