RPA provider, Blue Prism announce partnership with ABBYY

The partnership will introduce Visual Perception skills to its Digital Workforce via ABBYY’s FlexiCapture. According to Blue Prism, this will give customers more data extraction and insight capabilities by turning unstructured content into structured, actionable data. For example, businesses can process invoices and automate the capture of invoice data, thereby increasing the productivity of accounts payable processes, while lowering costs.

ABBYY also adds machine learning technologies to aid Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce learn and improve.

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With this alliance Blue Prism’s clients can also utilise ABBYY’s FlexiCapture for Invoices – a business-ready invoice solution built on top of FlexiCapture that’s pre-built with all the business logic and learning capabilities required for processing invoices and automating the capture of invoice data.

“ABBYY and Blue Prism have been visionary leaders when it comes to intelligent capture and RPA technologies, and together we deliver very complementary solutions with the same goal of helping organisations become more innovative and efficient with their business processes,” said Jupp Stoepetie, Chief Marketing Officer at ABBYY. “As market leaders in our respective industries, we see incredible synergies and customer demand for working more closely together in offering the benefits of an integrated product offering.”

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David Moss, Chief Technology Officer, Blue Prism, added: “ABBYY extracts meaning and value from unstructured data by making it searchable, converts it to a usable format, preps the content for processing and analytics – and then hands it over to a Blue Prism Digital Worker for processing.” 

“ABBYY is globally recognised for its innovation in intelligent capture, and the combination of ABBYY technology and Blue Prism RPA offers enterprises a deeper dive into data extraction, using Intelligent Automation to handle complex and content-centric processes.”

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