ServerCentral Turing Group hires chief information security officer

In recognition of the increased financial, legal, regulatory, and operational risks facing companies as they undergo digital transformation, ServerCentral Turing Group (SCTG), a managed IT infrastructure service provider, has hired compliance and information security veteran Thomas Johnson as chief information security officer.

Johnson has 25 years of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies in the highly regulated healthcare, banking, government, and manufacturing industries manage disaster recovery, business continuity, data protection, security products and risk management projects.

With his addition to its executive leadership team, SCTG has reaffirmed its focus on cyber security and helping clients manage complex compliance mandates.

“Cyber security risks have always existed and have been a priority for us, which is why we’re excited to appoint a chief information security officer to lead these efforts,” said Daniel Brosk, Chief Operating Officer at SCTG. “As our customers become more aware of the increased risks and regulations they face as they transform their businesses, SCTG is well positioned to guide our clients through their governance and cyber security initiatives.”

Compliance requirements

Because of its work in the healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and higher education sectors, SCTG understands that compliance requirements are evolving faster than ever and understands that non-compliance can have disastrous consequences.

Companies in these industries need highly experienced information security experts to help them adhere to strict compliance mandates and ensure that organizational processes and procedures are adopted as the regulatory environment changes.

Johnson also currently serves an Adjunct Professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology in its Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics department.

Prior to SCTG, he was a security consultant at Peters and Associates, where he served as chief information security officer for various companies in the healthcare, banking, government and manufacturing sectors. Johnson has also served as chief information security officer at Metropolitan Bank Group, which is now Byline Bank.

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