Sopra Steria commits to net zero emissions by 2028

The 2028 sustainability target set by Sopra Steria is 22 years earlier than those set by the UN and EU, and is built on progress made since 2014.

The IT consultancy firm has been offsetting emissions from internal operations and travel, reducing emissions by 64% since 2015, and lowering business travel emissions per employee by 32% in five years.

In addition, Sopra Steria managed to draw 90% of its electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2019.

The company has now set three key priorities for its sustainability strategy:

  • Carbon Neutral: Maintaining its carbon neutral programme for emissions from offices, data centres and business travel;
  • Sustainable IT: Accelerating sustainable IT adoption by selecting infrastructure and tech that’s compatible with the sustainability objectives of the company and its clients, as well as applying eco-design principles to solution development, and assessing the value of new services against their environmental costs;
  • IT for Sustainability: Applying potential of new tech to develop innovative solutions that protect the environment and climate.

Alongside these priorities, Sopra Steria will look to reduce business travel by developing collaborative tools, and mobilising its supply chain.

For non-avoided emissions, the company has confirmed plans to invest in afforestation projects, as well as carbon capture technology, where possible.

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“Action for the climate and the environment has been at the heart of the Sopra Steria’s strategy for many years,” said Vincent Paris, CEO of Sopra Steria. “The Group’s ability to anticipate and implement innovative initiatives ahead of the requirement has made us a corporate leader in the fight against climate change.

“As a responsible company, and even more in the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, we must go further by mobilising all of our stakeholders in building a sustainable world. Our commitment to “net zero” emissions in 2028 is a strong sign of this ambition.”

Mark Maslin, professor of climatology at UCL and independent advisor to Sopra Steria’s Corporate Responsibility Advisory Board, commented: “Sopra Steria’s dynamic Climate Action plan is providing the agenda and vision other corporates will want to imitate and follow.

“Sopra Steria Net Zero 2028 is based on accelerating the successful actions they have undertaken over the past few years. They are continuing to engage all their employees and stakeholders, building resilience in their supply and value chains, while supporting their clients in the transition to the net zero carbon economy.”

Sopra Steria’s sustainability efforts so far have resulted in a place on the CDP‘s A List for three consecutive years (2017, 2018 and 2019), as well as being ranked Platinum in the EcoVadis Sustainability rating at the start of 2020.

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