AI & Machine Learning

How will artificial intelligence impact UK consumers lives?

Your own personal AI assistant, running your life for you; credit cards which help you with your personal finances, and a coming together of video games and Hollywood blockbusters, are just some ways AI will impact consumers’ lives, say experts

AI & Machine Learning

Yoshua Bengio – ‘Powerful tech will yield concentration of wealth’

Professor Yoshua Bengio, one of the godfathers of AI, on which sectors will be revolutionized by AI, the need for tighter regulation, and whether AI poses an existential threat

Generative AI

Writing your company’s own ChatGPT policy

Giving your staff unfettered access to ChatGPT could have disastrous results, especially when it comes to unwittingly releasing confidential data. Here are some pointers as to how to write your company’s own generative AI policy

Generative AI

Transforming chatbot technology with GPT models

Tim Shepheard-Walwyn, technical director and associate partner at Sprint Reply, spoke to Information Age about how businesses can drive value from chatbot technology powered by GPT models

Legislation & Regulation

What generative AI means for copyright

Creatives are worried about being thrown out of a job by generative AI, while artificial intelligence developers leave themselves open to copyright infringement claims by training their AI on unlicensed material. Rachel Alexander explains

Legislation & Regulation

EU/US global AI code of conduct ‘within weeks’

European Union and United States working at speed to publish voluntary code of conduct for companies working in artificial intelligence, ahead of legislation

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Elizabeth Renieris – ‘Our robot overlords aren’t quite here just yet’

Elizabeth Renieris is a renowned artificial intelligence ethics expert, who believes that Big Tech is being disingenuous when it calls for a global AI super-regulator. Existing laws cover AI, she says, we just need to leverage them

Generative AI

Google revamps search engine to include AI

Website search results to be pushed further down-screen, with AI-generated question-and-answer-style chats at top of page


The impact of ChatGPT on multi-factor authentication

In this article, we delve into the security implications of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, and how businesses can adapt their authentication strategies

Generative AI

Salesforce announces Slack GPT to deliver conversational AI to businesses

Salesforce has launched Slack GPT, its new generative AI offering for business chat, delivering native AI features within the Slack platform

Data Analytics & Data Science

ChatGPT won’t kill Google — it makes search more important

Here's how the business and societal roles of Google and the wider search engine space is set to evolve alongside generative AI tools like ChatGPT

Data Protection & Privacy

Capability testing of GPT-4 revealed, as EU regulatory pressure persists

A 'red team' dedicated to testing the capabilities of GPT-4 has revealed its findings, as scrutiny from EU authorities continues