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Intel eyes up $200 billion market opportunity

IT management

Dull data centres and uneventful infrastructure: why boring is brilliant for IT

Data Analytics & Data Science

How can businesses manage a large data centre estate effectively?

As the data centre industry is expanding at a fast pace, the demand for smart data centre solutions continues to heat up, putting operators under increasing pressure to deliver high-performance data facilities.

Data Storage & Data Lakes

The importance of smartening up a legacy data centre

Communications & Networking

The rise of data centres in the modern media landscape

Data Storage & Data Lakes

AbsurdIT: the old data centre computing model is broken

Many of today’s data centres are densely complex, expensive, and they’re blocking what businesses want to do.

Data Storage & Data Lakes

Addressing the incredible complexity of the modern data centre

The modern, heterogeneous data centre has changed dramatically from what it was in terms of IT advancements, complexity and scale.

Data Storage & Data Lakes

Understanding data centre workload quality of service

As SSDs are deployed in data centres, it is becoming increasingly important to understand what metrics are relevant.

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Why all industries should consider modernising their data centres

Data Storage & Data Lakes

Copper in the data centre – where does its future lie?

Data Storage & Data Lakes

Future of the data centre is software-defined, but not yet – Gartner

Data Storage & Data Lakes

Four questions to ask before choosing a colocation provider