Business Skills

How to become a software engineer

Britain has around two million technology jobs left unfilled, yet even a junior developer can earn £39,000 a year. We explain how a novice can become a software engineer

AI & Machine Learning

84 questions to ask before training an AI model

AI experts and data scientists have published a checklist of questions developers should ask before embarking on training an AI model

Generative AI

What ChatGPT means for developers

Generative AI

What is generative AI and its use cases?

Development & Programming

How edtech partnerships are boosting the code learning journey

Stack Overflow is partnering with online learning platforms Udemy and Pluralsight, to help budding technologists find the right start to their code learning journey

Development & Programming

Challenging misconceptions around a developer career

Business & Strategy

Mitigating the impact of the Great Resignation

Business & Strategy

The value of DevEx: how starting with developers can boost customer experience

Automation & Robotics

Taking a composable approach to mitigating developer burnout

Business & Strategy

What 2022 can hold for the developer experience

Development & Programming

Top tips for growth and success as a developer

Business Continuity

Shoring up business continuity with citizen developers