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‘Agents of Transformation’ needed to advance the digital economy


Thoma Bravo to acquire Veracode Software from Broadcom Inc.


Is this the Cambrian Explosion of AI in the UK?

Business & Strategy

Business leaders need to keep up with data breach headlines

Digital Transformation

How can firms embrace the digital to achieve growth?

CEOs and boards across the globe are struggling to understand how digitalisation can be used to achieve the growth they are seeking.

AI & Machine Learning

What is fuelling digital transformation?

Business Skills

Why digital upskilling must remain a top priority for all

Business Skills

How social networks can contribute to a booming economy

Digital Transformation

Gov audit confirms UK digital economy is driven by southern England

Communications & Networking

UK ranks lower ‘than most of Europe’ for average broadband speed

Digital Transformation

Digital economy: 5 ways to know your business is on the right track

The emerging digital economy throws up a lot of new questions for businesses to deal with. How do they know they are on the right track?

Digital Transformation

UK leads Europe as one of world’s “digital elite” economies