Digital Investment

AI & Machine Learning

UK leads way when it comes to artificial intelligence investment

City of London report finds £3 billion was invested in artificial intelligence in 2022, nearly double France, Germany and rest of Europe combined


Digital investment to deliver £232 billion boost to UK economy by 2040

IoT and M2M

47% of firms to increase investment in IoT, says Gartner study


Digital investment by SMEs can provide £145 billion boost to UK economy


Tackling the ROI conversation: why cyber security provides more than defence

Smart Cities

Edge computing key in smart city success, says Serverfarm CEO


What UK cities need the most digital investment?

Business & Strategy

Companies are wasting millions on digital investment

With digital transformation spend set to rise, there’s just cause to anticipate record high returns on your digital investment. Unless, of course, you’re measuring the wrong KPIs.