Fake News

AI & Machine Learning

Fake news detection tool being developed at University of Exeter


Tim Berners-Lee: “it seemed like a good idea at the time”

Tim Berners-Lee reflects on his invention, the World Wide Web, how it has changed and how it must be corrected.

AI & Machine Learning

How AI can help to prevent the spread of disinformation


UK government takes on fake news and brands Facebook ‘digital gangsters’


The week in tech: Trump’s trade war and FakeApps

Legislation & Regulation

The week in tech

Media & Marketing

Tech vs fake news: Separating fact from troll manipulation


EXCLUSIVE: The social media threat and how to prevent it

A lack of social media security policies could create serious risks for the enterprise and their customers.

Business & Strategy

The enterprise services sector: expectation vs reality

Research highlights the gap between expectation and reality in the enterprise services sector.