Fraud Prevention and Detection


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Financial scam utilising fake ChatGPT discovered by researchers

Research from cybersecurity vendor Bitdefender has revealed that threat actors are using a fake version of ChatGPT to lure users into an investment scam

AI & Machine Learning

Three ideal scenarios for anomaly detection with machine learning

Machine learning can prove ideal for anomaly detection throughout the company network. Here are three key scenarios where this can be put to good use

Financial Services

Full confidence in anti-money laundering procedures yet to be reached

Data Protection & Privacy

New government app launched to detect online spies

Data Storage & Data Lakes

IBM z16 mainframe announced, with cryptography and real-time AI


What will it take to stop fraud in the metaverse?

Government & Public Sector

What the new Online Safety Bill updates will mean for users


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AI & Machine Learning

Using AI to fight money laundering


How the UK must respond to rising impersonation fraud

AI & Machine Learning

Jumio partners with Nationwide to improve digital onboarding