Search technology

Generative AI

How Bing API prices are disrupting search

Colin Hayhurst explains how the recent Bing API price hike affects the search market, and what businesses in the space should consider

Generative AI

New Elastic tool trains generative AI with proprietary data

The new Elasticsearch Relevance Engine (ESRE) allows businesses to build bespoke generative AI apps using private enterprise data

Data Analytics & Data Science

ChatGPT won’t kill Google — it makes search more important

Here's how the business and societal roles of Google and the wider search engine space is set to evolve alongside generative AI tools like ChatGPT

Generative AI

The challenge of using ChatGPT for search engines

Large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT may be emerging as complements for search engines, but there are still pitfalls to consider

Cloud & Edge Computing

Strengthening customer trust by using search-powered solutions in the cloud

Here's how utilising search-powered solutions in the cloud has led to strengthened trust from customers

Cloud & Edge Computing

How to make progress on managing unstructured data

Long-time Forrester analyst and Elastic CIO discuss strategies for realising value from data with search-powered technology

AI & Machine Learning

AI-powered search launched by Neeva in Europe

The new AI-powered search service from ad-free platform vendor Neeva will allow European users to leverage search results backed by linked sources, following a US pilot

AI & Machine Learning

ChatGPT AI software integrated into Bing to compete with Google

AI & Machine Learning

How AI search as a service is overcoming the unstructured data challenge

Data Protection & Privacy

What Neeva can offer to enterprise businesses

Business & Strategy

How ‘search’ has become the new brand in the SEO landscape


How Apple’s pending search engine hints at a rise in enterprise search