Smart Cities

Smart Cities

4 smart cities using tech to improve sustainability

As local leaders from urban areas worldwide race to support growing populations and tackle climate change, connected data will be key to their success, says Lisa Wee, global head of sustainability of AVEVA


Building smart futures with digitalised building solutions

Smart building technology powered by IoT and digitalisation capabilities is playing a key role in facilitating smarter futures in the property space

Cloud & Edge Computing

Building smart cities: the importance of cloud storage

Energy & Utilities

How LoRaWAN helps utilities expand their businesses with IoT applications for smart cities

Smart Cities

Society 5.0: Building inclusive super smart societies

With the fourth industrial revolution well underway, the GMIS Summit in Dubai turned its attention to the concept of Society 5.0

Smart Cities

Three key issues to tackle before smart cities become a reality

Data Protection & Privacy

How changing attitudes towards data sharing could boost smart city adoption

Smart Cities

The green renaissance of street poles in smart cities


Smart cities are coming: getting ahead by reducing software vulnerabilities

IoT and M2M

How IoT is helping cities become more sustainable than ever before


5G and smart cities Q&A: What role will telcos play?

Smart Cities

How smart is the cyber security protecting smart cities?