techUK provides recommendations for UK G7 presidency

With the UK serving in the presidency of the Group of 7 (G7) in 2021, the country is set to drive the conversation around global recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, and techUK has recommended collaboration with the G7 partners to encourage firms to prioritise technology adoption.

However, techUK has stated that meaningful policy changes are first needed towards:

  • Putting digitalisation at the heart of the economic recovery efforts and funding;
  • Maximising the potential of digital solutions in the fight against climate change;
  • Developing resilient digital infrastructures;
  • Implementing digital skill development to get workforces ready for transformation;
  • Strengthening the multilateral system, through international collaboration on emerging tech;
  • Promoting modern digital trade rules.

As organisations of all sizes have needed to bolster innovation efforts to stay competitive in a world of evolving customer demands, long-term sustainability and environmental impact have also risen up the corporate agenda for many.

But despite a rise in digital transformation overall, a digital skills gap continues to prove an obstacle between workforces and success, which emphasises the importance of efficient training in using new deployments.

Through hosting the G7 Leaders’ Summit in June and COP26 in November, the UK can shape these policy directions to support a global economic recovery.

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“For an industry that operates across multiple markets around the world, international cooperation among policymakers and regulators has always been absolutely crucial,” said Julian David, CEO of techUK.

“Even more so now, when we need to make use of the latest technological innovation to supercharge our economy, skill our people and protect our planet.

“This techUK set of recommendations is meant to serve as a practical guide as the UK government looks to address the biggest challenges of our time in partnership with our like-minded partners.

“We look forward to working with the government, as well as our sister organisations in the G7 countries to drive an ambitious agenda of international cooperation forward.”

The full report from techUK can be found here.

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