Tomorrow’s secure enterprise will be an agile one: Good Technology CTO

A vendor with its roots firmly in the business mobility space, Good Technology was an innovator in mobile email solutions long before terms like 'BYOD' and 'cloud' ever touched the lips of business leaders and IT professionals.

Founded in 1996, it has been variously bought by Motorola and push email provider Visto in a bid to compete with then-enterprise leader Research in Motion.

Its end-to-end mobile security and management platform is now used by over 5,000 organisations in more than 130 countries, and last year its 'Good for Enterprise' solution became the first cross-platform mobile collaboration solution to achieve its level of security certification on IoS and Android.

With such a long perspective on the path that has led to today's mobile enterprise, the company has a keen radar on the shape of the enterprise mobility in the years to come, and CTO Nicko van Someren believes the mobile revolution is just beginning as mobile becomes the default way we consume information and the device list keeps on growing.

The greatest challenge in the next few years will be keeping up with the pace of innovation as security becomes ever more paramount and consumer expectations around user experience infiltrate the enterprise, says van Someren.

This may not seem like revelatory news to a lot of IT professionals, but the increasing need to balance usability with security can't be ignored, as the weak points in a business are now many and varied.

Added to this, the fast moving nature of mobility means that it presents a very different problem to the rest of IT.

To address these problems, CIOs need to be looking at vendors who have the agility and adaptability to develop security into the whole lifecycle of their products and tackle threats as they evolve.

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