Top 10 companies for women in tech

The tech industry has long been plagued by the gender gap within most organisations - which companies are the best at addressing this issue?

The issue of diversity is never far away from the technology industry. This week saw the now-former Google software engineer – now confirmed as James Damore – fired after publishing a controversial memo about gender. In it he suggested that women did not necessarily advance in their career paths like men because of their “biology”.

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In quite a timely manner, Comparably – the workplace culture and company review platform – has released a ranking of its top ten tech companies for people of colour, as well as the top ten tech companies for women.

Top ten tech companies for women


1. Salesforce (82)
2. Adobe (80)
3. Intuit (80)
4. T-Mobile (79)
5. LinkedIn (79)
6. Accenture (79)
7. PayPal (78)
8. Workday (78)
9. Apple (78)
10. Facebook (77)

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Top ten tech companies for people of colour

1. VMWare (81)
2. Disney (80)
3. LinkedIn (80)
4. Salesforce (79)
5. Intuit (79)
6. Google (78)
7. T-Mobile (78)
8. Dell (78)
9. Facebook (78)
10. Symantec (77)

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