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Speaker key: Manoj Patel (MP)

MP: Lanxoma is a means to give your IT workers controlled access to privileged systems and, when they have access, to allow management and means of monitoring and recording what they did when they had privileged access.  The IT workers can be third party consultants, they can be people sitting in an offshore office, so these are people that you may not know, may not trust completely.  Also you’re protecting your critical assets, you put a lock on your front door, but you’re not locking your database down, your IT worker’s got access to it unabated.

Lanxoma records everything, all keys strokes, mouse movements, any audio, full video, so there’s a full recording, a complete visual audit trail, of what they did when they had privileged access.  Lanxoma can’t fix any problem that an IT worker may have done, but what Lanxoma gives you is a visual audit trail of what they did so, if they have corrupted your data, changed passwords, and things that you need to recover from, you can watch and see what they did. 

Our research tells us that the amount of fraudulent activity, the amount of malicious activity, carried out by IT workers is on the increase, especially now as they are being made redundant.  IT guys, and contractors, bearing in mind your external consultants, as they’re being laid off, before they go there could be a tendency to leave a logic bomb, change passwords, reset things, and undo a lot of good work.  With Lanxoma, we ensure that there is a full audit trail of what they do at any time, whether that’s internal staff or external staff.  We’re not monitoring 24/7, and it’s not across the organisation, it’s a specific set of workers who currently have unchallenged access to all systems.

Currently we’re a unique solution in the marketplace, there is nothing out there that’s monitoring IT workers at this level in an integrated fashion, with the back end systems, and providing this controlled access.  Lanxoma’s very simple to use.  It’s a web based front end, available to use, from a play back point of view, to anyone in the business.  You can buy software off the shelf now and it can record your screen, so the concept of doing that is nothing new, but we’ve brought them all together in a brand new, innovative way.  We’re confident that Lanxoma is a great product.  We’ve had interest from the US Government, and have been invited in to do a proof of concept for them.  That’s what we’re hearing in the marketplace, there’s absolutely a desire and a need for something like Lanxoma to monitor IT workers.  I’m very excited about Lanxoma.  I think it’s a great product, and I think it will revolutionise the way IT workers work in the future.

The benefits of Lanxoma are, process to control access to super-users and system administrators, an easily intelligible audit trail, a deterrent and a trading tool, a way to understand responsibilities and achieve policy adherence, a secure audit trail that can’t be changed.



Pete Swabey

Pete Swabey

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