Which lockdown solutions have worked? Take this IA survey to find out

Remote working during lockdown has required a shift in work practices for many companies, with collaboration tools becoming vital.

Video conferencing, audio calls and instant messaging have all played roles in keeping projects afloat across organisations, while AI and automation aim to speed up operations, as well as contribute to maintaining customer service while offices are locked down.

In addition, the substantial rise in online activity has also been proved to cause increased strain on networks, meaning that many have had to upgrade their broadband packages.

These are the lockdown trends that Information Age would like to explore in more detail. To what extent has conferencing and instant messaging software replaced in-person communication? How much has AI and automation helped? How reliable has your Wi-Fi been throughout lockdown?

We invite you to answer our five-minute survey, and we’ll send you the full report. Here, you’ll see which bits of tech have been effective, and which have brought nothing but pain.

Click here to take the survey.

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Aaron Hurst

Aaron Hurst is Information Age's senior reporter, providing news and features around the hottest trends across the tech industry.

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