Women in IT Summit Asia 2023 launched to raise awareness of DEI importance

The fifth annual Women in IT Asia Summit on the 28th June will present the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the regional tech sector

The event in Singapore will be the first edition of Women in IT Summit Asia to commence in person, and will be followed by this year’s WIT Asia Awards ceremony.

Both the summit and awards, hosted by DiversityQ and Information Age, are happening at the Shangri-la Hotel, and will explore the role of government bodies operating across the Asia region in fostering tech innovation and development, as well as protecting consumers and the public interest.

The theme for the event will be impactful growth in an ever-changing world’, and will look to help tech and business leaders to bolster their talent pipelines and workforce management with DEI in mind.

With diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) remaining a vital component of successful innovation in the tech industry and beyond, the following topics will be explored:


DEI actions such as creating a supportive working environment, and implementing policies and programs to include aspects such as flexible work arrangements and parental leave, will be discussed throughout. This comes alongside the importance of diversity beyond gender, social mobility, cultural awareness, allyship and multigenerational teams.


As well as DEI, implementing the right tech innovations, to keep up with continuously rising competition, can be both beneficial and scary. The summit will explore trending tech conversations including AI, immersive tech and Web 3.0. Additionally, there are complex considerations to be made around the sustainability of scaling tech companies, as well as the ethical and moral concerns. 

Professional Development

With job roles across business continuing to evolve, talent needs the right environment to continue developing their skills for long-term career development. At this event, you can learn about the importance of having policies and practices in place to ensure equal opportunity, as well as topics such as remote networking, productivity, leadership, team management and adaptability.

Join Information Age at the Women in IT Summit Asia 2023, on the 28th June, to learn more about how we champion and support women working in technology: https://events.diversityq.com/EN/WITSummit_AwardsAsia2023/


Women in IT UK Summit 2023 launchedDiversityQ and Information Age will present the fourth annual Women in IT UK Summit on the 18th May 2023, to help organisations optimise their DEI strategies.

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