Workplace transformation crucial for UK businesses, says Infosys report

The report, entitled ‘Drive Change from Within’, reveals that CEOs are now prioritising workplace transformation and contributing to its development in their organisations. Infosys surveyed more than 1,300 senior leaders from banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, telecom, and energy and utility firms, with revenues of more than $1 billion as part of the research.

Who is driving workplace transformation?

In the UK, CEOs are the most influential in workplace transformation decision making compared to other European regions where CTOs and CIOs are typically most likely to push for these changes; the study found, 41% of UK respondents noted the CEO drives their transformation roadmaps in comparison to 35% and 26% in Germany and France respectively.

Similarly, 32% of respondents stated this was driven by CTOs and CIOs in the UK, compared with 44% and 46% in Germany and France respectively.

What effect on productivity is anticipated by UK businesses?

On the subject of competitive advantage, twice as many respondents (25%) in the UK believe workplace transformation offers a competitive advantage and significant effects on business outcomes in comparison to respondents from Germany (12%) and France (13%), specifically in the areas of overall productivity (33%) and collaboration amongst the team (30%).

Digital transformation implementation

In the area of improved employee experience and wellbeing, UK respondents cite digital transformation as a key driver too (29%)—approximately three times more than respondents from Germany (8%) and France (11%).

The report also found that 38% of UK respondents specifically noted satisfaction around how the implementation of digital transformation programmes is enhancing the employee experience, in comparison to 23% in France and 33% in Germany.

Digital transformation leaves European companies struggling to adapt

Research conducted by Skillsoft has found that organisations across Europe are facing a major skills gap caused by digital transformation. Read here.

Action plan for the future of workplace transformation

Throughout Europe, 11% of organisations are yet to outline a workplace transformation, according to respondents in the region.

In the UK in particular, respondents noted concern around selecting the most effective solutions and technology prior to embarking upon transformation initiatives, along with concern around gaining unanimous agreement throughout the organisation to undertake such programmes.

Similarly, concerns around data security are highlighted as a critical business challenge for workplace transformation in the region.

Sanchit Mullick, AVP head, Infosys Digital Workplace Services, said: “We are at the cusp of a revolution- triggered by a generational shift converging with the consumerisation of technology. Cutting-edge digital technologies in the consumer arena are finding their way to the workplace with millennials.

“The way people work, and in fact ‘why’ they work has changed, and enterprises are left with no choice but to embrace and enable these new ways of working. Workplace transformation is inevitable.”

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