Automated Intelligence to integrate Crossrail data into TfL

The proposal initiated by AI included the concept of using its partnership with Microsoft Data Box to implement a portable data centre that can be used to move 42 Terabytes of data from Crossrail to TfL.

Data transferred by Microsoft Data Box is supported by 256 bit and 128-bit end-to-end encryption.

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Following Data Box’s debut last year, Microsoft, via its cloud computing service Azure, launched its Microsoft Data Box Disk earlier this month. It is distributed to consumers in the form of five 8TB disks.

Furthermore, Crossrail’s Elizabeth Line will be implemented into TfL’s network when it is launched this December.

“Quick and accurate access to the integrated Crossrail data will be essential to the ongoing support of the Elizabeth line management and maintenance,” said Belfast-based AI’s CEO, Mark Godfrey.

“With tens of terabytes of data and a strict December deadline, this is a large-scale and hugely significant project and we will be a key component of the handover process,” Godfrey added.

Crossrail, Europe’s largest ever infrastructure project, has been under construction since it broke ground in 2009.

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Back in May 2017, Crossrail secured a deal with cloud-based vendor ServiceNow for the benefit of its IT service management in an attempt to cut costs on operations in this department. After renewing an agreement with Fujitsu, the rail company opted to acquire ServiceNow on a short term software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis.

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