Business Intelligence 08

Creating the intelligent business

All modern organisations operate in complex, fast changing and often very highly competitive markets. Making informed and timely decisions is difficult, achieving competitive differentiation even more so. The most successful organisations are those with clear objectives and an equally clear understanding of their markets. They are able to quickly understand and assess the importance of what has happened in the past, what is happening in the present, and what is likely to happen in the future.

For two decades, Business Intelligence (BI) technology and its antecedents has proved a popular and largely effective technology for helping managers extract insight from the vast reams of information held in their organizations. But most analysts agree that much, much can be done. The most effective organizations use BI and analytics widely, deeply and methodically, often with extraordinary results.

Business Intelligence ’08 was the fourth annual Information Age conference examining the power and potential of Business Intelligence and its application in business. It focused on best practice, highlighted key strategic issues, and explored some of the big issues in Business Intelligence today. These issues included:

• Establishing a Business Intelligence competence
• Implementing strategic Business Intelligence Platform
• Moving from reports to “actionable insight”
• Empowering employees and partners with information
• Business performance and the role of Business Intelligence
• Embedded Business Intelligence into business processes

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