Computer science and software engineering Master’s degree launched

The unique Master of Science (MSc) degree is set to be launched in September 2020, and will be made available to students either studying a bachelor’s in computer science or software engineering, or aspiring to be leaders in the technology sector.

It has been approved by the traditional Bologna European framework for higher education, and will be taught via blended e-learning methods, with lectures physically available in person at the institute, as well as being broadcast live or recorded for offline study.

The degree consists of a two-year full-time course, as well as the option for fast-track study that allows for completion within three semesters.

Additionally, a dual degree from a partner institute, either Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA, or the National University of Singapore, will be obtainable.

The thesis that is to be written in order to complete the course can either be based on the student’s experience within their own start-up business, or at one of SIT‘s partner companies, which include Acronis, McKinsey and Microsoft.

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“SIT is committed to equipping graduates with the knowledge to build and grow their own high-tech businesses and in the realm of computer science, this entrepreneurial spirit is needed,” said Professor Bertrand Meyer, chair of software and security at SIT.

“The board of directors at SIT will have a genuine influence on the future success of our students, connecting them with their own networks in the computer science and technology industries.

SIT’s industry network have first-hand experience of recruitment issues when it comes to filling positions such as a chief security officer (CSO) and Chief Product Officer (CPO), a problem that the institute aims to alleviate through this course.

“Unlike traditional Master’s programs, computer science and software engineering at SIT has been developed as a pathway to job roles — whether that’s a CSO, CPO or perhaps the founder of an entirely new tech start-up,” Meyer continued.

“At SIT, we welcome the brightest and most ambitious graduates to join us in September.”

Based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, SIT was founded by entrepreneurs in 2019.


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