Dell readies virtual server server

Dell is said to be preparing a new line of servers geared specifically to hosting large virtual machine populations. According to reports emanating from the US, major Dell customers have been briefed on a new family of “Veso” products that will ship with an embedded version of VMware’s ESX hyper visor, beefed-up bus and PCI speeds, and support for up to 256GB of RAM.

Neither Dell nor VMware will confirm the reports, but a spokesperson for Dell in the US confirmed that the company expects to release details of “Project Hybrid” in the second half of this year.

Industry analysts have lent credence to the rumours by suggesting that being first to market with a “built to be virtualised” server could be Dell’s best bet for clawing-back some of the market share it has lost to Hewlett-Packard and other rivals. HP et al will ship VMware and other virtualisation products with their servers, but none have so far come to market with a made for purpose virtual machine platform. 

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