From ECM to Content Services: Evolution or Revolution
22 August 2018 / IT management
The move from ECM to Content Services has been well debated - but what does it actually mean for end-users?
The Power of Graph-Based Search
1 August 2018 / Tech Giants
Graph-based search, powered by systems like Neo4j, is able to deliver relevant information that you may not have specifically asked for.
Practical Techniques for Data Preparation
20 July 2018 / Data Storage & Data Lakes
Practical Techniques for Data Preparation, the first how-to guide on data wrangling.
The Total Economic Impact Of Flexera
13 July 2018 / Uncategorized
Cost savings and business Benefits Enabled By Flexera’s Data Platform.
How to build a hybrid cloud, your way!
13 July 2018 / Cloud & Edge Computing
Hybrid Cloud is the Foundation for Storage Agility and Economics
The ROI of Data Preparation Platforms
13 July 2018 / Data Analytics & Data Science
How the investment in data wrangling pays for itself.
A step-by-step guide to cloud adoption and data protection
13 July 2018 / Cloud & Edge Computing
Public clouds can become an essential part of your data protection strategy.
Availability for today’s multi-cloud enterprise
18 June 2018 / Cloud & Edge Computing
The extent to which multiple cloud service providers are being used today among IT decision makers.
The Talent Spotter CIO
8 May 2018 / CIO and CTO
How smart CIOs surround themselves with the skills and talent to deliver high business performance.
The money advice service story
8 May 2018 / CIO and CTO
Our case study explores the negative experience the Money Advice Service (MAS) had with a previous IT supplier.
The fighting fit CIO
8 May 2018 / CIO and CTO
How smart CIOs use customer-centric managed IT services to ensure their organisation stays in shape and fighting fit.
A Structured approach to unlocking game-changing innovations for your business
19 March 2018 / Business & Strategy
This new guide ‘Inside The Innovation Lab’ explains how this Innovation Lab, and this proven, data-driven process wil...
Helping your utility company to thrive under pressure
19 March 2018 / Uncategorized
More competition. More customer power. More regulation.
The great IT migration
28 February 2018 / Diversity
The presence of female role models, like Davis, is essential in closing the gender gap in the tech industry and mitig...