European data centres greener than in the US

Europe is ahead of the US when it comes to running ‘green’ data centres, but the lack of a clear industry standard is holding both back further improvement, according to research by data centre provider Digital Realty Trust.

A survey of senior data centre decision-makers from large companies in the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Ireland found that 60% have a declared green strategy and over 60% include the purchase of carbon credits in that strategy.

Half of the European respondents required their vendors to have a green strategy, but fewer than 35% could name a data centre partner with a green strategy.

Meanwhile, a parallel survey of US data centre leaders found progress had stalled and, in some cases, slipped. Just over half of US companies surveyed said they had a green data centre strategy, a decline of four percentage points from a similar survey last year.

Just 18% of US companies said they would be using carbon credits in their green data centre strategies, a fall of seven percentage points on last year, although the report’s authors suggested that this could mean companies reducing their energy use rather than offsetting it.

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