Google and Accenture team up to deliver enterprise data insight solutions group

The Accenture Google Cloud Business Group (AGBD), announced today, looks to help companies use Google Cloud technology to “accelerate their digital transformation journeys”.

The new group is made up of a team of specialists from both companies and will primarily focus on developing cross-industry solutions for clients in Europe, Japan and North America.

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Gene Reznik, Senior Managing Director of Ecosystems & Ventures at Accenture, said: “We’re making a significant commitment to our clients and investment with Google Cloud to provide intelligent solutions that enterprises need to solve today’s greatest business challenges and become the new leaders in digital.”

“The Accenture Google Cloud Business Group brings together the leading capabilities of Accenture and Google Cloud to fuel the next generation of innovations for organisations around the world.”

Kevin Ichhpurani, corporate vice president of business development at Google Cloud, said: “Google Cloud and Accenture have a long history of delivering incredible value to our joint customers.”

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“The launch of the Accenture Google Cloud Business Group will help us supercharge those efforts as companies globally look to modernise their computing environment for today’s digital world.”

According to Accenture’s press release, the initial partnership will focus on retail, consumer packaged goods and health industries.

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The AGBG looks to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop ways of migrating enterprise workloads from legacy infrastructure to the cloud and improve the management of SAP solutions on the Google Cloud platform.

This is not the first time Accenture has paired up with Google, Verizon is another example where Accenture leverages advanced analytics and Google Cloud technology to provide services around customer experience.

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