Google Cloud collaborating with Iguazio to enable real-time AI

Google Cloud and Iguazio’s hybrid cloud is enabling Trax, a provider of computer vision and analytics solutions for retail, to utilise Kubernetes and a cloud-native architecture without managing its underlying infrastructure.

Trax’s retail solutions leverage image recognition and predictive analytics to maintain the physical shelf for consumer packaged goods producers and retailers.

“At Trax, we’re digitising the world of retail by monitoring, predicting and optimising store-and-field performance in real-time to improve on-shelf availability, optimise click-and-collect processes and modernise the shopping experience,” said Trax Chief Technology Officer, Yair Adato. “We recognised that we needed an edge-to-cloud solution that was built for speed, scale and intelligence – one that allowed us to focus on our application, versus the management of our infrastructure.”

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Aparna Sinha, Group Product Manager, Kubernetes and GKE, Google Cloud, added: “Kubernetes exemplifies the power of the consistent platform where customers appreciate learning once and use anywhere. Building applications on top of Kubernetes ensure companies can deploy workloads either on-premises or in the cloud of their choice.”

“The retail industry requires data portability across the cloud and intelligent edge. We are excited to collaborate with Iguazio to deliver a solution that enables real-time analytics of store data, all centrally managed from Google Cloud.”

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Trax solutions need real-time data processing at the edge from numerous shelf-mounted cameras, operational systems and even autonomous robots throughout their retail chain. Iguazio provides an integrated platform with a variety of data solutions, managed Kubernetes and serverless functions, which is managed from Cloud IoT Core, all seamlessly united with Google Cloud data and messaging services. The combination of Iguazio’s managed platform and Google Cloud services enable the collection and analysis of huge volumes of data at the edge while leveraging Google Cloud for deep learning, AI, data aggregation and central control.

“Iguazio extends the cloud experience to the edge,” said Iguazio’s CEO, Asaf Somekh. “The intelligent edge is trending across a variety of industries, as the market begins to use the power of the cloud for training and data science, while prioritising real-time decisions at the edge.”

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