Google revealed to have acquired the most AI startups since 2009

Google topped RS Components‘ rankings, with 30 AI startups acquired and a total disclosed amount totalling almost $4 billion.

Acquired companies by Google since 2009 include PittPatt in 2011, DeepMind in 2014 and its most recent recorded acquisition, Onward, in 2019.

Coming in behind Google was Apple with 18 AI companies acquired for a total disclosed amount of $886 million, followed by Facebook with 12 for the disclosed cost of just over $1 billion.

Apple’s acquisitions included Siri in 2010 and Realface in 2017, while Facebook bought in 2012 and Masquerade Technologies in 2016.

Along with data from Crunchbase, RS Components gained information on estimated acquisition values from news media such as the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider.

AI has been a lucrative and emerging markets for major companies due to its capability of improving products, getting tasks done faster, as well as being beneficial in customer service.

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“As AI continues to become more of a necessity within tech companies’ strategies, it’s clear that they are also recognising the value of acquiring both AI startups and established companies,” RS Components’ post explains. “In the next 10 years, we should expect to see the possibilities around AI advance significantly; whilst the magnitude of what AI has transformed already seems to be beyond any of our expectations, it is still arguably in its infancy.

“It’s simply no surprise that tech companies are continually seeking to expand their expertise by acquiring these startups.

“Although it’s not just companies within the tech industry that are acquiring the most AI startups, they are certainly leading the way. There is also the concern that many companies simply won’t be able to keep up with the likes of Microsoft and Amazon, and at the same time, over the next decade we should expect to see more companies acquiring startups in order to expand their understanding and knowledge of AI.”

The full top 10 companies for AI acquisitions since 2009 is as follows:

1. Google

Companies bought: 30

Estimated disclosed total cost: $3,876,340,000

2. Apple

Companies bought: 18

Estimated disclosed total cost: $886,000,000

3. Facebook

Companies bought: 12

Estimated disclosed total cost: $1,060,000,000

4. Microsoft

Companies bought: 12

Estimated disclosed total cost: $690,000,000

5. Amazon

Companies bought: 9

Estimated disclosed total cost: $871,000,000

6. Intel

Companies bought: 6

Estimated disclosed total cost: $776,000,000

7. Salesforce

Companies bought: 6

Estimated disclosed total cost: $97,799,999

8. Twitter

Companies bought: 5

Estimated disclosed total cost: $629,000,000

9. AOL

Companies bought: 4

Estimated disclosed total cost: $191,700,000

10. IBM

Companies bought: 4

Estimated disclosed total cost: N/A

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