Informatica updates its data management capabilities

The five launched updates will enhance solutions across Informatica‘s portfolio, which offers smart data management for enterprises.

Catalog of Catalogs

Firstly, the company’s emerging Catalog of Catalogs, powered by AI, is an industry first and will allow enterprises to gain an entire view of their data.

The solution will include:

  • New metadata scanners for metadata catalogs, business intelligence software, databases, data warehouses and cloud platforms
  • Data provisioning capabilities that allow for the application of data to specific areas
  • Spark profiling, which will deliver 3 to 5-fold improvement in performance and scalability
  • Metadata leverage via improved data lineage
  • Multi-level lineage views for observing system-level relationships
  • CLAIRE AI leverage, which will allow for definition and discovery of complex business entities

Secure data marketplace

Also offered by Informatica is a centralised data marketplace, which is featured within its Axon Data Governance tool and will allow users to find enterprise data as well as requesting new data.

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This will involve:

  • Automated data searching
  • Access to views of semantics and data lineage
  • Transparency regarding the credentials, legal conditions and protection status of data
  • Categorisation of data
  • Prioritisation capabilities, which will increase productivity without compromising on quality or security

CLAIRE-based cloud and hybrid capabilities

Informatica’s new enterprise iPaaS will expand data integration and management patterns, while CLAIRE AI offers recommendations.

This also consists of:

  • A Cloud Data Quality tool that allows users to examine, monitor and cleanse data at scale
  • Data ingestion capabilities available on for data batches or in real-time
  • Optimisation of integration via Data Integration Elastic and Spark serverless technology
  • Real-time customer data access for Salesforce users via Cloud Application Integration’s Salesforce Guides
  • API privacy data compliance capabilities offered by CLAIRE-powered Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Advanced Analytics

Powered by AI, Informatica’s analytics capabilities will include:

  • Leverage of the latest Spark engine for Databricks, AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Ability to import, upload and publish data for Amazon S3 and Azure ADLS Gen2
  • AI-powered recommendations and categorisations
  • Advanced support for Confluent Scheme Registry
  • Advanced streaming pipeline transformation

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360 engagement

Lastly, Informatica are offering a comprehensive customer data platform (CDP), which will make use of entity resolution, matching and validation.

Also included is:

  • AI-powered automation to improve customer experience
  • Automated cleansing, matching and enrichment capabilities
  • Identity resolution via SSA-Name3
  • Enhanced dashboarding capabilities, which will allow for increased flexibility and self-service.

“With this launch, we are releasing industry-first data management innovations that change the game for enterprises looking to power their businesses with data-driven insights,” said Amit Walia, president, Products and Marketing at Informatica.

“As today’s enterprises evolve to become data-driven, they require an industry-leading innovative platform that is unified, scalable, and AI-powered.

“Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform is all of those things and more, and provides enterprises with the trusted data needed to drive transformational business outcomes.”

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