IPsoft announces world’s first digital employee marketplace

The new digital employee marketplace will include AI-powered and cloud-sourced digital workers that can contribute to a hybrid workforce.

The first available role in the marketplace is IT service desk engineer, and candidates for roles such as this will be pre-trained in the duties that they entail.

All digital workers will have decades of experience in enterprise AI, which will vary by role, skill set and industry.

Candidates for the role of IT service desk engineer, for example, will be versed in resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, and other duties relevant for the position.

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Other administration and HR positions for digital workers are expected to become available in due course.

The implementation of digital workers into a workforce can increase efficiency due to the capability of AI to speed up tasks, as well as being able to work 24 hours a day without the need for a break.

“The world of work is changing dramatically,” said Chetan Dube, CEO of IPsoft. “By 2025, I predict that the workplace will be 50:50 human-digital colleagues.

“We’re excited to launch DigitalWorkforce.ai, a major milestone in the evolution of the hybrid workforce, which is the next step in the skilled base economy and a world’s first in what will be defined as the hybrid workforce economy.”

DigitalWorkforce.ai will democratise and industrialise data by leveraging IPsoft’s cognitive AI agent, Amelia.

This solution, which has been in action since 2014, helps to bridge the gap between human and digital workers by communicating with humans and integrating digital employees into company systems.

Amelia leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) in order to interact with humans without needing to follow decision trees often used by chatbots, as well as work out unstructured dialogue.

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“While some enterprises are downloading bots in an attempt to build a hybrid workforce, DigitalWorkforce.ai is the only marketplace with digital replicas of human job roles, utilising digital employees with both front- and back-end proficiency,” Dube continued. “People continuously learn and improve at their jobs by collaborating and interacting with customers, colleagues and competitors — the same applies to AI.

“We are already seeing the substantial impact that automation and cognitive AI can have on an organisation’s productivity and efficiency.”

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