Kaspersky launches Cyber Capacity Building Programme

The new cyber training programme from Kaspersky aims to increase visibility among businesses, as well as government and academic bodies, helping them to identify and mitigate cyber threats quicker.

Participants in the programme can improve their product security evaluation skills by developing tools and knowledge for the purpose of security assessments.

Additionally, Kaspersky has opened its Transparency Centres, meaning that users can continue to gain access to information about internal security practices and technology, as well as the company’s data protection policies.

Security experts at Kaspersky will also be on hand to answer queries from customers and partners regarding data processing and the functioning of its solutions.

Maintaining high cyber visibility can ensure that organisations succeed in balancing innovation with security.

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“Since opening our Transparency Centres, we have developed wide practice of product security evaluation, and we see that just communicating a company’s readiness to provide its source code for a review is not enough,” said Oleg Abdurashitov, head of CEO office at Kaspersky.

“It requires a certain level of specific IT security knowledge from our partners to carry out an assessment and to have a full experience of what is being offered within the transparency policy. Our Cyber Capacity Building Programme will allow organisations, both businesses and government, as well as academic institutions, to develop skills for proper security assessments of the products they use, and thus help enhance cyber-resilience of their own networks.”


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