Kennington Tube Station implements Off Grid Energy smart grid

Kennington Tube Station have implemented the UK’s largest silent hybrid smart grid, manufactured by Off Grid Energy.

The portable hybrid battery storage installation, named gridtogo, possesses a power output of 195kVA and a storage capacity of 350kwhrs. Because of this, the solution’s running time will be reduced, resulting in minimised emissions, noise pollution and CO2, as well as costs.

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Furthermore, the system’s standard use of smart monitoring will allow manufacturers Off Grid to gauge power usage in real time so they know how much is needed for future projects.

The new hybrid energy solution will be implemented alongside a 300kVA super silent generator created by Power Electrics.

At times in which demand for power is low and the unit’s battery is charged, the generator can turn off automatically and the battery will be capable of providing the power required on its own.

The silent nature of the new technologies will allow construction works in the form of four new customer passageways built in conjunction with the extension of the Northern Line to continue.

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“Our hybrid power system delivers a cost saving, cleaner solution that also significantly reduces noise pollution in a sensitive residential area and is the biggest hybrid system for temporary power we have supplied,” said Danny Jones, CEO at Off Grid Energy.

“With a power output of 195kVA and storage capacity of 350kwhrs, it is conceivably the most powerful temporary power hybrid unit in the UK with the largest battery storage capacity in the UK for temporary power.”

“The added flexibility that comes from dual power supply and improved power quality means that the solution delivers a multi-layer win: Lower cost, cleaner air, less CO2, elimination of noise and greater power supply resilience.”

Off Grid Energy, founded in 2010 and based in Rugby, England, previously provided power solutions to the marine and automotive industries, and also cater for areas that can not be reached by the National Grid.

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Notable clients include SSE, Balfour Beatty and the RSPB.

The firm’s lithium-based gridtogo product comes complete with a plug-in operation, leak and spill-proof battery pack, and a capacity for either AGM, Gel or Li-Ion battery types.

Generator producers Power Electrics, formed in 1963, has operations across the UK as well as the largest purpose-built generator depot in the country, which is based in Bristol.

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