Nominate your Data Leader 2019!

As part of Data Month, Information Age will be taking an in depth look into the importance of the data, analytics and insight, its challenges and the future shape of the industry. In addition, we will be looking at the key sessions from our Data Leadership Summit and Awards on 23 May, designed to offer an interactive platform to address these current challenges.

The Data Leadership Awards honour the people at the forefront of data – those transforming organisations and enhancing decision-making through its use, managing and controlling its proliferating growth, and driving new business value. All functions involved in driving data innovation in the UK are considered for the Data Leaders Awards, whether it be the vendors developing and selling the technology, the end-users deploying and applying it to wider technology strategies, or the consultancies or integrators helping them do it.

Nominations are open now and submissions can be made via the Data Leadership website until the 14 March 2019 .

The Data Leadership Summit is FREE to attend for those in IT and/or data management/leadership roles at an end-user organisation. The Summit’s programme aims to encourage debate and find practical answers to some of the most important data challenges and questions including:

● Market analysis and regulatory change

● Championing data and analytics

● AI benefits and social responsibilities

● Game-changing machine learning developments

● Greater cybersecurity awareness

The full programme can be viewed on our website and registrations can be made at the Data Leadership website.

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