Perkbox partners with Filtered Technologies to power AI-driven staff learning

Magpie is an AI-driven staff learning search engine that matches the right learner to the right learner, on the Perkbox platform.

Magpie provides Perkbox users with personalised learning recommendations, to this the search engine utilises AI-driven personalisation — this is achieved by using machine-learning algorithms that match relevant content from individual users.

CTOs on our doorstep: Perkbox CTO Paul Schulz on dealing with growth

Information Age speaks to Paul Schulz, the recently appointed chief technology officer of Perkbox, to learn more about his role in a fast growing technology company.

Chieu Cao, Cofounder of Perkbox, said: “With employees spending only five minutes a day learning without interruption, finding time at work to dedicate to learning is clearly a challenge. Imagine what could be achieved if everyone spent only ten more minutes more a day learning new things.”

Magpie’s learning hub holds more than 500 bitesize content pieces covering 40 base competencies from curated, high-quality public domain sources such as Harvard Business Review, TED and Forbes. Companies are also able to add their own assets to the platform (including those created in-house) to make all relevant learning easily accessible, encouraging employees to use them.

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Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO of Filtered, said: “It’s becoming increasingly important to firms that employees are engaged and happy. Learning is an important driver and indicator of engagement and happiness. And that’s why we’re excited about this partnership with Perkbox which brings the right content to the right employees to inform and inspire, open minds and realise opportunities.”

Cao added: “We’re excited to be partnering with magpie to make ‘learning on the go’ as simple as possible for our users. We hope it will improve this statistic and get more employers and employees motivated and engaged on improving their learning trajectory.”

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