Redscan announces availability on G-Cloud 10, promising offensive cyber security for the public sector

Redscan have two of their services listed: their CREST-accredited penetration testing service, as well as ThreatDetect, a 24/7 service for threat detection and incident response.

G-Cloud 10 is the latest iteration of an initiative by the UK Government which aims to ease the procurement of cloud-based services by public-sector bodies.

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In their statement, Redscan promises to introduce to the public sector an offensive approach to cyber security, as well as helping organisations to identify complex security risks. They also aim to help public-sector organisations bridge the skills gap in cyber security.

Gubi Singh, Chief Operating Officer at Redscan, said: “All organisations within the public sector are deeply concerned by cybersecurity threats. They need assurance that their systems are safe and secure and that vital services are always protected.”

“In the midst of a global cybersecurity skills crisis, in which the public sector can struggle to compete for the best talent, this is nigh impossible without bringing in outside expertise.

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“No organisation can afford to sit back and wait for the worst to happen. Taking an offensive and proactive approach to security has become vital for protecting against today’s threats since modern attackers have become so good at evading perimeter defences.”

“The arrival of G-Cloud 10 coincides with increasingly devastating data breaches and the introduction of tighter regulations, such as the GDPR, and buyers may be searching for a more dynamic approach to cyber security threats.”

“Redscan supplies the tools, expertise and high-quality service to make offensive security a reality, whether that’s penetration testing to detect hidden vulnerabilities, hunting for and investigating intrusions or coordinating swift and effective cyber incident response.”

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