Samsung chooses Intel to power Android tablet – report

Intel has won a strategically critical contract to supply the chips for "at least one" version of Samsung's Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab 3, according to news agency Reuters.

The South Korean manufacturer has chosen Intel's Clover Trail+ chip, a dual-core processor designed for smartphones and tablets that it unveiled at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. 

If true, it is a hugely significant victory for Intel, which has been eclipsed in the mobile chip market by UK company ARM Holdings and its ecosystem of manufacturers. Clearly, with mobile device shipments overtaking PCs – which Intel has dominated in the past – this is a market it cannot afford to let slip.

Intel's newly appointed CEO, Brian Krzanich, has taken direct control of the company's mobile division since taking over the reins earlier this month, according to a recent Bloomberg report

"Our business faces significant challeges," Krzanich told Intel staff in a memo that was leaked on Wednesday. "As your CEO I am committed to making quick, informed decisions.

"I am committed to being bolder, moving faster, and accepting that this means changes will be made knowing that we will listen, learn and make adjustments in order to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry."

Krzanich's predecessor Paul Otellini offered his resignation after 40 years at Intel after the company's stock price fell 16% in 12 months.

It was under Otellini's leadership that Intel sold the intellectual property rights to its XScale mobile chip in 2006, shortly before the launch of Apple's first iPhone.

Last year, Samsung overtook Apple as the world's biggest supplier of "smart connected devices" – including PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets – according to market watcher IDC.

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