Six in 10 IT leaders concerned about metaverse data and security

Research from Bright Data has revealed that six in 10 (60%) IT leaders preparing to integrate operations within the metaverse have concerns around data and security

The study, which was released today alongside research firm Vanson Bourne, demonstrates that unresolved questions about how data in the metaverse will be captured and used remain.

Of those with concerns around metaverse data and security, almost half (47%) expressed concerns around data ‘compliance and standards’, while ‘employee experience of time and space’ was cited by 38%.

These concerns demonstrate the need for unified metaverse standards and practices, as well as a code of conduct for collecting different types of data.

Driving value from metaverse infrastructure

To support their metaverse strategy, over three-quarters of leaders (84%) said they are planning to look at procured data intelligence solutions, to be deployed inside virtual worlds in the next two years.

Such capabilities are vital to tech industry leaders and their businesses in accurately measuring data outputted by AR and VR technologies, as well as capture any other publicly available data.

“This is nascent technology, unfamiliar to consumers and business leaders alike, which is why we’re thrilled to be leading the conversation around data use in the metaverse,” said Or Lenchner, CEO at Bright Data.

“We now know that organisations rely on public web data to support the most strategic decision-making. The metaverse will add a new layer to this – revealing millions of additional public data points. As such, it is clear that data solutions will play a key role in connecting organisations to their customers or employees in the metaverse, helping to uncover hidden insights.

“However, I must caution and stress the need to collect data responsibly and intelligently in the metaverse and avoid at all costs harming the overall data ecosystem. It’s an exciting frontier for all, especially for those within the data space. But we must be prepared to measure exactly how much as well as the types of data that organisations require in planning their future business direction.”

Bright Data’s report surveyed over 400 IT and technology industry leaders across the US and UK, to learn more about the challenges and strategies of organisations looking to enter the metaverse.


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