SonicWall introduces boundless cyber security platform

The launch of the latest SonicWall product comes in response to a growing cyber security business gap and a proven decrease in security among remote workers compared to employees working at company headquarters.

The boundless platform protects a limitless amount of exposure points for the benefit of increasingly remote, mobile and cloud-enabled workforces.

Implemented with automation and machine learning technology, allowing for real-time prevention, the platform also aims to provide unified visibility across the workforce, putting an end to management silos.

Additionally, it provides scalable costs, allowing companies to save money in the midst of these uncertain times.

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“What we are seeing is a heroic undertaking by organisations to quickly and efficiently provide security for an unexpected rise in a remote, mobile workforce that will permanently change the way they operate,” said Bill Conner, president and CEO of SonicWall. “We are now living in the new business normal.

“This profound business change will result in increased pressure to execute and deliver proactive, data-centric security protection that is always on, always learning and applies new methods of protection against today’s most pervasive cyberattacks.”

Company growth

Along with the launch of its boundless cyber security platform, SonicWall has seen record growth in the following areas:

  • Secure Mobile Access (SMA) hardware (+342%)
  • SMA virtual appliances (+451%)
  • Pooled licenses (+1,006%)

“We have had a record number of inbound requests from verticals that range across the board, including enterprise, governments, K-12, higher education and healthcare,” said Bob VanKirk, chief revenue officer at SonicWall. “We are operating within a ‘new normal’ at SonicWall, with increased sales efficiency and sales effectiveness, as are our partners.

“Results are also showing organisations and end-users are embracing this model as well.”

In addition, there has been an increase in additions to SonicWall’s SecureFirst partner programme; 1,100 new additions have joined since February 2020, bringing its total to over 21,500 globally.


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