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5G Advanced: progressing towards 6G

Could 5G Advanced be the technology that emerges as the missing puzzle in the advancement towards 6G? Ted Curtis explores

Communications & Networking

Ushering in an era of pervasive intelligence, powered by 6G

Exploring how the 6G era of revolutionary cloud-integrated networks will allow businesses to leverage unprecedented levels of insights.

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How emerging technology will transform your business

Emerging Technology & Innovation

New emerging technologies to watch out for

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Biggest benefits of immersive technology for businesses


Information Age guide to how 5G will affect your business

Communications & Networking

Tech leader profile: business use cases for 6G


Microsoft’s data-focused 2022 ambitions: simplicity, skilling and sustainability

Microsoft UK will continue its digital transformation journey in 2022 and ensure it remains in the vanguard of technology advances.

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Race towards 6G explored in new research