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How to market your mobile app


The best Bitcoin apps

We take a look at the best Bitcoin apps, twelve years on from its inception.

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Secure home working need leads to strong first half for Armour Comms

IT management

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Business Skills

2019 app store optimisation trends and changes app publishers need to know

Business Skills

How to build AR apps for the enterprise and beyond


Tim Berners-Lee: “it seemed like a good idea at the time”

Tim Berners-Lee reflects on his invention, the World Wide Web, how it has changed and how it must be corrected.


Tinder and Grindr: What next for age verification technology?

The Tinder and Grindr controversy poses difficult questions about age verification technology, Sooraj Shah asks what else can be done?

Financial Services

Should traditional banks develop a consolidated banking app?

Software and Applications

Why subscription apps could make or break your mobile business

Digital Transformation

How could telehealth improve healthcare across the world?


The week in tech: Trump’s trade war and FakeApps