Autonomous Vehicles

Latest news and expert analysis on the technology behind the development of autonomous vehicles.

Disruptive Innovation

Accelerating insurance IT systems to stay competitive in an autonomous world

Jess Hurley, P&C marketing lead at EIS, discusses how insurance IT systems can be accelerated to stay competitive in an autonomous world.


Vodafone and HORIBA MIRA bring 5G to driverless cars

How it Works

The road to making 5G a reality in the UK – and the revenue opportunities


Overcoming simulation hurdles to expedite the fully autonomous vehicle

Software and Applications

Life or death testing: when testing gets critical


2018 tech predictions: What we got right (and wrong)

Ben Rafferty, Global Solutions Director, Semafone looks at what technology predictions we got right this year, and what ones we got wrong.

Automation & Robotics

Addison Lee signs strategic deal to roll out self-driving taxis

People Moves

Uber’s Head of Business joins Oxbotica Board


How autonomous vehicles are driving change for smarter cities


Global perceptions of autonomous car technology

AI & Machine Learning

Preparing for an autonomous future

AI & Machine Learning

Reshaping infrastructure for autonomous vehicles – the road to nowhere?