Cambridge Analytica

Data Protection & Privacy

Data and ethics: How one company played an entire nation without their knowledge

“Let me get you drunk and steal your secrets”: How one company played an entire nation without their knowledge.

Data Protection & Privacy

Online privacy concerns in a post-Cambridge Analytica scandal era

Data Protection & Privacy

How do you solve a problem like Facebook?

Tech Giants

Facebook: Hopes for tougher questioning over ‘shadow profiles’

Ahead of Mark Zuckerberg’s meeting with the European Parliament tomorrow, researchers from Cliqz, are urging EU lawmakers not to let the Facebook CEO off without being questioned on ‘shadow profiles’ and the social network’s collection of data.


Cambridge Analytica declares bankruptcy

Governance, Risk and Compliance

GDPR will be a turning point for the data economy

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, other companies that process consumer data are coming under scrutiny as to how they process this increasingly value commodity.