Data Loss

Cloud & Edge Computing

Overcoming data loss from embedded devices

Finland-headquartered data storage start-up Tuxera looks to mitigate embedded device data loss and bottlenecks through file system software


It’s time we changed how we approached data loss protection

Ian Pugh, senior director, information protection, Proofpoint, discusses why organisations must change how they approach data loss protection.

Data Protection & Privacy

95% of IT leaders say data is at risk over email — Egress

Data Protection & Privacy

Evaluating data loss impact in the cloud

Cyber Innovation

Cyber security breaches fall, is it thanks to GDPR?

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery as a Service: preparing for unavoidable events

Business Continuity

UK businesses are failing to adequately test their disaster recovery systems

Releases & Updates

Symantec’s latest update provides data loss protection for Office 365


Most UK businesses are not insured against breaches and data loss

Nearly half of senior executives not aware of what their company insurance covers them for, according to NTT Security report.


How to conquer the organisational fear of the breach

Organisations shouldn't fear data breaches, but the way they currently think about them is hindering their ability to combat the threat.

Data Analytics & Data Science

Don’t gamble with your data: top tips to improve your odds in data loss prevention


Why now is the time to rethink your data loss prevention strategy