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Information Age’s guide to IR35 for IT employers and contractors

Information Age’s comprehensive guide to the IR35 regulation for the IT sector, explained by IR35 expert Dave Chaplin from IR35 Shield


IT staff augmentation pros and cons

What is IT staff augmentation? How does it differ from hiring freelance contractors? What do you need to watch out for from a legal or employment law point of view? Nick Martindale explains


Am I inside or outside IR35?

How to determine whether you, as an IT contractor, are working inside or outside of IR35 – designed to bring in as many freelancers into PAYE – is one of the most vexing questions facing freelance IT staff

Releases & Updates

UK tech to hold strong amid COVID-19 outbreak, says Robert Walters

Business Continuity

How IT contractors can aid business continuity during the COVID-19 battle

Releases & Updates

Demand for contractors expected to increase following IR35 reforms pause

Releases & Updates

IR35 reform delay: how tech companies and contractors should respond

How it Works

What does the Treasury coronavirus package mean for tech business?

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Why some companies are losing it over IR35

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Exploring the impact of IR35 reforms on IT contractors and companies

Anthony Sherick, MD of ContractorUK, explains, to Information Age, how IR35 will impact both IT contractors and companies.

Business Skills

Benefits of being a self-employed IT contractor

The benefits of being a self-employed IT contractor are explored by Brookson in this article.