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AI & Machine Learning

Only 22% of IT staff fully understand capabilities of AI tools

AI is being explored across multiple sectors, but IT staff surveyed by SolarWinds are found to be struggling to use tools to full capability


IT staff augmentation pros and cons

What is IT staff augmentation? How does it differ from hiring freelance contractors? What do you need to watch out for from a legal or employment law point of view? Nick Martindale explains

Business Skills

6 things you can do to make your IT staff happier

Over 80% of knowledge workers say they’re unhappy at work. Three quarters of staff say they’d move jobs to be happier at work. Here are 6 ways to make your staff feel better about the daily grind

Business Skills

Engaging the millennials and managing your staff turnover rate

Artificial intelligence is making some tech roles, such as machine-learning experts and data scientists, even more sought after. Losing your IT staff to rivals and having to recruit is a headache for any CTO. We look at ways to reduce your staff turnover

AI & Machine Learning

AI will actually create more jobs, say employers

More than half of Britain’s businesses believe artificial intelligence will actually create more roles, putting them at odds with doomsayers predicting a widespread jobs bloodbath


Three in four UK tech workers dissatisfied with their roles

Hackajob research has revealed that most (77 per cent) tech workers in the UK are dissatisfied at work, and are actively seeking new jobs

Releases & Updates

Meta to undergo second round of staff cuts this week

Thousands more staff cuts are expected to be actioned by Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg, as Facebook and Instagram's parent company looks to continue decreasing costs

Releases & Updates

Twitter undertakes further layoffs, including senior leaders

At least 200 members of Twitter staff were laid off over the weekend, including leaders of product management

Releases & Updates

Over 150,000 employees laid off by tech companies in 2022


4 ways to stop your IT staff from leaving


Overcoming the biggest cyber security staff challenges

Business & Strategy

A seat at the top table: three steps to giving IT a more strategic role