Business Skills

Citizen development: the no-code approach to software development

IoT and M2M

Agile IoT tools and teams mitigate the tech skills gap

Jennifer Canale and Stephanie M. Cedeño explore how IoT collaboration is helping to plug the tech skills gap.

Business Skills

Low-code could change much more than just IT

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Deloitte and OutSystems set out to transform risk management

Digital Transformation

Meeting enterprise challenges with low-code


Siemens acquires Mendix for $730M


BizDevOps for business and IT collaboration

DevOps is evolving to become BizDevOps as more organisations recognise the need to engage their business with their application development and operations teams to facilitate better business outcomes from software development

Development & Programming

Can’t recruit skilled developers? 5 ways low-code platforms are handling it

Digital Transformation

Public sector IT infrastructure: liberation from legacy

Digital Transformation

Accelerating digital transformation in the public sector

AI & Machine Learning

Why low-code is key to a changing business landscape

Forrester Research defines a low-code platform as a platform that enables rapid application delivery with a minimum of hand-coding.

IT management

Low-code development provides a win for the over-worked IT department

Anthony Morris from Linx Software looks at low-code application development (and why it’s going to be huge).