Start-up scene

Fostering tech startups: a must for forward-looking governments

As governments look to prepare their countries for the digital future, fostering a strong tech startup ecosystem is of vital importance.


Data protection officers should protect and innovate


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong looking to the digital future: “We’ve plucked all the low-hanging fruit”

In a Q&A at the Smart Nation Summit, Singapore's Prime Minister - Lee Hsien Loong - discussed his vision for the country's digital future.


Achieving a connected, digital future in the Asia-Pacific region


Helping traditional industry SMEs to go digital

Singapore's SMEs Go Digital programme aims to help SMEs use digital technologies and build stronger digital capabilities.

Government & Public Sector

The IMDA: two years on — “trust and innovation are two sides of the same coin”


The smart nation: Singapore’s masterplan


Singapore to block internet access

Singapore's government has announced it will be 'air-gapping' computer systems of certain civil service departments, banning Internet access.