Wearable Technology

Payments technology

What’s the future of wearable payment devices?

The global market for wearable payment technology is expected to be worth $137bn by 2030, whether that’s using smartwatches, bracelets, jewellery – or even having a chip embedded under you skin

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

Wearable devices: invasion of privacy or health necessity?

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Emerging medical technologies in healthcare

Hardware & Peripherals

Global spending on wearable devices to see 18.1% growth in 2021 — Gartner

Hardware & Peripherals

The importance of wearable hardware in the enterprise

Data Storage & Data Lakes

How to create a wearable tech network to drive the business value of data

Software and Applications

Current and future applications for wearable technology

Data Analytics & Data Science

How can the healthcare sector safely and accurately utilise data from consumer wearables?

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

Wearable technology: will legal issues spoil the party?

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

Wearable tech WILL be wildly popular, so don’t get BYOD wrong the second time around

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

Hype down, businesses really are taking wearable technology seriously

Communications & Networking

Salesforce is buttoning down the enterprise wearable tech market