Tech London Advocates launches Education Resource Hub

Schools, young people, parents and employers will now be able to make use of the new Education Resource Hub, which brings together a variety of resources and partners within the UK EdTech ecosystem in one centralised portal.

The platform comes as a result of the TLA Education Working Group collaborating with EdTech providers, including Founders4Schools, Tech Will Save Us, TeenTech and WhiteHat, to provide information, advice and resources in order to address the shortfall of digital skills and growing unemployment.

In addition, courses and apprenticeships will be offered in aid of the scheme, and the hub as a whole aims to navigate barriers that can obstruct traditional, in-person and on site educational methods, such as homeschooling.

“As we navigate through the pandemic, providing digital learning opportunities will be a priority for businesses and the government, to help the public and employees thrive in what is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly technology-driven world,” said Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates.

“The success of EdTech companies and the adoption of their services by the UK population is testament to the appetite for virtual learning, accelerated by Covid-19. Now is the time to ensure that we are teaching future generations the skills that will prepare them for the digital workplace.

“The TLA Education Resource Hub is a fantastic and timely initiative, which will connect thousands of families and businesses alike to the support and guidance they need to ensure they don’t miss out on crucial learning and develop relevant skills in the process.”

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Jo Tasker, co-lead of TLA Education Group, commented: “The UK has everything it needs to create a workforce equipped with the digital skills required to meet the continued demand for tech jobs across the country.

“However, digital skills courses, digital apprenticeships and EdTech tools are hard to find for those unfamiliar with the sector. The TLA Education Resource Hub aims to bring all of the programmes offered in the UK in one place for the first time.

“To drive the economic recovery, we need to give schools, young people, parents and employers access to the resources they need as quickly and simply as possible. That’s why we’re making resources, advice and practical guidance about how to develop digital skills accessible and easy to understand.”

The UK is currently home to one of the most active EdTech sectors worldwide, with the industry forecasted to be worth £3.4 billion by 2021. However, access to digital education has been fragmented, and according to a report conducted last year by the Office of National Statistics, 10% of the UK population had no digital skills.

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Bethany Koby, founder of Tech Will Save Us, said: “Digital skills have never been more important or more diverse to young people across the country. Technology jobs are available despite the economic crisis, and young people need to ensure they are developing the skills for the digital employment landscape as early as possible.

“I hope the TLA Education Resource Hub will empower parents and young people to access digital skills and understand the incredible initiatives and programmes available to them.”

Euan Blair, co-founder and CEO of WhiteHat, added: “Skills training in digital and tech will be an essential part of our economic recovery because the lockdown has led to twin challenges: young people looking for work, and employers needing those skills more than ever.

“By widening access to the best opportunities and resources, a more diverse and representative group of people can grasp the benefits of apprenticeships in these critical sectors. That way, we will both power the recovery and ensure we’re taking real action to tackle social mobility.”

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